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Get to Know Our Team

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Randal McLeaird

Managing Partner

Randal is a Broker and long time investor in many facets of the real estate world. With over 500 units acquired and exited, his experience provides a solid foundation for the direction of the firm. Randal is a prior member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and is currently on the Forbes Finance Council. Randal is also a member of several ULI committees, the Neighborhood Development Committee and the ULI Next committee.


Justin Utz


Justin is the COO of Lynd Corporation based in San Antonio, TX. Lynd currently owns, or manages, 16,000+ multifamily units across 81 communities. In addition to providing institutional quality advice to our business he brings to the table an array of skills in strategic vision implementation, business / financial acumen, talent acquisition and empowerment, leadership, performance analysis, finance, and problem solving.

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Laron Bybee


Laron is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He is a partner at TAF Capital, an investment firm focused on finding, and investing in, best in class operators of lake front development projects, large multifamily projects, infill development, and single family home construction projects in multiple states. He lives true to the Honor Code of West Point and holds himself, and all he interacts with, to a high level of honor and integrity.

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